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What's Happening at Ontario Place?

There are many exciting things happening at Ontario Place – it’s no wonder you may have a few questions. That's why we've put together some answers to commonly asked questions about the plans for Ontario Place.

How much will it cost to enter Therme’s facility?

Admission prices to our facility for adults will start at around $40, while kids under three will be free. Access to the waterfront, public parkland, beaches, trails, and paths will remain free and accessible to the public all year round.  

Therme will offer a combination of fun and relaxing experiences at an affordable price for our guests. That includes special pricing for seniors and students, with other admissions programs under consideration to ensure Therme’s location at Ontario Place is accessible to everyone.  

What are the environmental benefits of Therme’s project?

Today, the soil at Ontario Place is currently contaminated and the shoreline is eroding.

On the West Island, our plan will prevent flooding, re-establish the shoreline, plant hundreds of new native species of trees, and create thousands of square metres of new animal and fish habitats that did not exist before.

Our landscape plan deeply respects the natural environment and is being developed in collaboration with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

Will any trees be impacted?

Much of Ontario Place is made up of lakefill from the 1960’s and 70’s— built from construction waste and other materials There are many trees that have grown on top of that contaminated lakefill. To clean the soil and stop the West Island from continuing to erode into the lake, trees will have to be removed. Every mature tree we can save, we will save and transplant where possible.

Is the Ontario government subsidizing Therme’s proposed project?

Therme is not being subsidized by Ontario taxpayers. In fact, Therme will be investing approximately $100 million in public spaces on the West Island. Further, the project will generate 2,200 construction jobs and 800 full-time positions once we open.

What is planned for parking?

The Ontario government is planning and building the site-wide parking solution at Ontario Place for all of its tenants.

Has the public been consulted on Therme’s plans?

Most recently, in April 2023, we heard from councillors and residents during a Toronto and East York Community Council meeting and two public consultation meetings hosted by the City of Toronto.

Additionally, Therme Canada has conducted a live webinar about the project with over 300 attendees and conducted an Ontario-wide survey with 500 respondents and counting. More sessions will be held in the months ahead.

The feedback we’ve heard has been immensely valuable. We look forward to ongoing engagement with the community as we shape our plans.

What is the size of Therme’s project?

We are only one small part of the provincial revitalization of Ontario Place. In fact, Therme’s facility will represent just over 10% of the size of the entire Ontario Place site.

The building is estimated to attract up to two million people a year. Revenues from the indoor activities will fund the creation and maintenance of a new, 16-acre public waterfront park on the West Island.

Is Therme’s project subject to an environmental assessment?

Therme Canada’s proposed shoreline components on the West Island are not subject to the provincial or federal environmental assessment regimes. However, Therme will voluntarily conduct an environmental review of the shoreline works focusing on the impacts to fish habitat and water quality and the mitigation of those impacts consistent with the requirements of the City’s Official Plan. This review will be documented in a Shoreline Summary Report to be submitted to the City of Toronto as part of the rezoning application. There are additional environmental approvals and permitting, such as a federal Fisheries Act Authorization, that must be obtained. Therme is working with its consultants and partners, such as the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, to ensure its designs are respectful of, and ultimately improve the environment.

What are Therme’s plans for the West Island of Ontario Place?

Our facility will be located on the West Island of Ontario Place. It will be a family friendly, all-season aquatic recreation, entertainment and wellbeing destination. It will include indoor and outdoor pools, waterslides, restaurants, and natural spaces to relax—all surrounded by nearly 16 acres of free, open public space including more parkland, a new beach, plenty of trails and paths, and gathering spaces.

To learn more, please visit

How will this project impact public space at Ontario Place?

As a result of the province’s work to revitalize Ontario Place, the site will feature over 43 acres of free public spacespace ——and it will be open and maintained year-round.

Our plan for the West Island will create:

  • A 16-acre public park.
  • A new beach that is approximately 10 times.
  • New cultural gathering spaces.
  • Increased free public access to the waterfront.
  • Bike paths, walking trails, public bathrooms and change rooms open year-round.
  • More publicly accessible shoreline with additional swimming locations.
  • And much more!

Tell us what you are most excited to see at Ontario Place.

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